The New Year Beckons…

Well, the new year is here.  Now what?

I’m not one to make many new year’s resolutions and this year I haven’t made any of what could be called a real resolution.  Exercise more, write more, read more, learn more about the writing life–these are all ideas that pop into my head at various and random times during the year so I can’t call them actual resolutions.  I like to tell people I made a new year’s resolution many, many years ago never to make any more new year’s resolutions, and I’ve stuck with it.  But that joke tends to trivialize the concept of (cliché alert!) turning over a new leaf and trying to make better of one’s self.  Let’s just say that this year will be much like the last, and reading and writing will be a prominent part of my life.

What to write?

I’ve given myself until June, 2013, to finish the rough draft of the third of my trilogy, “The Anthanian Imperative,” about a civilization that populates the fictional planet Anthanos.  This should be the end of that series and with any luck, by the end of December I hope to have a well-revised manuscript.

But I also want to get some short stories published.  I’ve begun sending them in, but so far haven’t had any luck.  I’ve got several other short stories in the works, and perhaps 2013 will be a lucky year.  Wish me luck.  I had one poem published in an online journal in 2012, but I don’t consider myself a poet and that particular poem was a special case and that situation isn’t likely to arise again, so don’t look for my poetry anywhere this year.  Perhaps I’ll take a few more courses on writing or self-publishing.

In any event, 2013 is likely to be similar to 2012 (and 2011 and 2010 and…well, you get the picture).  More of the same: writing, reading, and being hopeful about publishing.

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