Welcome to my blog

This is a new blog I set up Sunday, May 2, 2010, and I’d like to welcome you to it.  This is my first post, and a little explanation about this blog is probably in order.  As a scientist with a Ph.D. degree in virology (the study of viruses) I expect to blog about topics in science (physical sciences as well as biological), but I have several other things in mind, too.  I’ve recently begun a new career in writing, trying to pen short stories and novels in science fiction.  I’ve had a mild interest in science fiction for many years (how many we won’t look at), and now that I’m semi-retired, I’ve decided to try my hand at writing.  I’ve finished one novel and I’m currently working on a sequel, but I’ve written several short stories as well, some science fiction, some not.  The novel hasn’t been published, though it’s ready for an agent or publisher, and the sequel is about two-thirds through the rough draft.  So, my interests in blogging will run through not only science, but writing science fiction and writing in general (but not science writing, which is quite a bit different).  In addition, I’ve had a long-running interest in the environment because I used to work in environmental virology, and I developed a serious concern about the environment in which we work and live, so some environmental topics will undoubtedly creep into my blogs.  So, welcome to this blog, and if you feel so moved, comment.

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